Lukashenka is ready to go away, abi Putin without driving it in, – Piontkovsky

About tse on air 24 channel rozpov_v Russian publicist Andriy Piontkovsky.

important We will have to take serious actions, – Piontkovsky about the curiosity of Russia after Putin

Having announced that Lukashenka is ready to go, be it, abi Putin hasn’t driven it in. Tse brilliant politician. Adzhe dermal fate of self-voicing, the President of Belarus came to Moscow and had a glass of beer in the Palace of Facets. Todi signed like a new favor, like a bula about the all-season association with Russia, having taken 10 billion dollars – and їhav back.

Prote nіkoli nі not for a second buv ready to work those that you wanted to see, – back to back Yeltsin, and then Putin,
– Andriy Piontkovsky said.

“Vin is brilliantly engraved on the imperial instincts of the Russian elite. Putin is not to blame for all these imperial complexes. The stench is constantly buli, even if the stench is constantly wanted to dominate. First yoga practice“, – explaining the Russian publicist.

For yoga words another trick – these are the words of Lukashenka, that vin, like a shield, protects Russia from NATO. The very same financial compensation does not require specific financial compensation.

“So I was interrupting myself. It was especially hard for the time of the elections. And then Putin was not engraved on his side. Putin, thinking about those who would replace Lukashenka with people, that they would be better able to start uniting,” Piontkovsky said.

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