Lodeynoye Pole was noted for the fight against the Finnish occupiers during the war years

Governor of the Leningrad Region Alexander Drozdenko On June 23, he personally congratulated the residents of the city of Lodeynoye Pole in the east of the region on the award of the honorary title of the Leningrad Region “City of Military Valor”. In honor of this event, the city was awarded a special certificate and a memorial sign, as well as a stele “City of Military Valor” was opened, the governor’s press service reported.

“The inhabitants and the city itself showed courage and heroism, contributed to the Svir victory, which helped withdraw Finland from the Nazi coalition. The inhabitants of Lodeynoye Pole cherish the memory of the events that took place here. You deserve this proud title. It reminds us of those who did not live to this day. Peace, health and prosperity to you, – said the governor, presenting the representatives of the local administration with a diploma and a commemorative badge for the honorary title.

As the regional authorities recalled, in early September 1941, the Lodeynopolsky district was divided into …

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