Lisichansk residents report infections in the city – UNIAN

Local residents believe that the problems are related to the lack of clean water and general unsanitary conditions.

There is a terrible smell in the city from uncleaned bodies, broken sewers and garbage / photo

In the temporarily occupied Lysichansk, infections began to spread. Children with unhealthy appearance began to appear on the streets.

Residents of the city reported this to UNIAN.

So, on the streets of the destroyed city, children with an unhealthy appearance began to appear more and more often. A distinctive feature is whitened lips and swelling of the body.

According to local residents, this is due to problems due to water. The occupiers have destroyed the water supply and will not be able to restore it. There is practically no clean water in the city. In addition, unsanitary conditions reign in Lisichansk.

The city has a terrible smell from uncleaned bodies, broken sewers and garbage. According to local residents, people are forced to build toilets right in the yards of high-rise buildings. Some simply collect sewage in bags and throw it out on the streets, which are already strewn with garbage.

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Earlier, UNIAN has already reported that Russian doctors who come to the recently occupied cities of the Luhansk region work there in protective suits. According to Gaidai, there are corpses on the streets, the rubble is not sorted out.

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