Let’s fight, but we don’t have a chance, – Timur Miroshnichenko about Eurobachennia-2023 in Ukraine

If we weren’t Ukrainians, yakbies would “give up”. We will continue to fight, but in reality there are no chances. About tse 24 channel roses Timur Miroshnichenko.

Up to those Could not have spent the cost of the hryvnia: Miroshnichenko rozpoviv, who paid bi for Euro-batch in Ukraine

Behind these words, the European movement suddenly suggested that, soon for everything, the European company will not be in Ukraine.

To the thought of Timur Miroshnichenko, everything needs to be taken with a “cold head.” All those who have been deprived in our state have been deprived of through the war of Russia against Ukrainerazumіyut – in the country there is no such thing as a safe place.

“The European movement is reinsured. Even if the application was received earlier, lower admissible terms, if it is possible to denounce the city-lord or the country-state of Evrobachennya,” naming Miroshnichenko.

Narazі tse, maybe, the only correct and logical solution from the point of view of the safety of the success, who can be educated before the European graduation,
– Timur Miroshnichenko said.

Vіn rozpovіv, about 10 thousand people are accredited to the competition. More here 30 – 40 thousand people watch the Eurobach. Like the result tse bezpeka shonaimenshe – 50 thousand people.

In addition, Timur Miroshnichenko added that the place of the European battalion was a “target” for Russian missiles.

Europarty-2023 will not be held in Ukraine: Miroshnichenko explaining the decision of the organizers

Remaining news of the Eurobachenn-2023

  • Competition Eurobachennnya-2023 not held in Ukraine. Furnish the provision of food and security in our state in our country, – the rules have been changed.
  • The stench does not include that until May 2023 in Ukraine there will be a risk of increased attacks and rocket attacks. In addition, taking the decision, the Europeans guessed the words of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg about those that the war in Ukraine “may take fate.”
  • The place of his ability was taken away by such a country as Great Britain. Different organizers conduct removies from the BBC.
  • In the opposite direction of the European Commonwealth, they voiced that they would support Ukraine for the cob of the great war and work for the sake of it.
  • Let’s guess that the Suspіlne was tempted to hold Eurobachennia-2023 in three different regions of Ukraine – near Kiev, Lvov, in Transcarpathia – on the cordon from the Ugrian and Slovak regions.

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