Lesya Nikityuk spoke about the lad-sailor from “Le Minibus”, who died near Mariupol

Three years ago, 2019, Lesya Nikityuk with the team of “Le Minibus” came to Mariupol. That place was green, fluffy, catch a glimpse. In one of the episodes, she got to know the cadets of the Mariupol Moscow Lyceum. One of them is Rinat. Zovsіm vipadkovo veducha recognized that 8 birch vin having died from a shrapnel wound in the head.

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Lesya Nikityuk told the story of Rinat from Mariupol

As a result of Russian aggression in Mariupol, even less than 22,000 people perished. Among them is Rinat. We got to know each other at the “Le Minibus” project, when we were filming in Mariupol,
– Lesya Nikityuk spoke up.

Vona guessed that three fates, at pauses between zjomkami, Rinat saying: “I want to work on television,” but he was not destined to become either a television operator or a sailor.

“Yomu already deserved it. Vin, having made friends with our team, having helped. The new one had wonderful dreams, and the stench could have come. We could.

Reaction of the Meri to the death of Rinat from Mariupol

Dopis Lesi Nikityuk commented on the її spіvveduchy from “Eagle and Tails” Andriy Bednyakov, whose mother died in Mariupol. “Mayzhe skin day I know about my acquaintances,” the showman wrote stingily.

  • Olya Cybulska: “I hate with all my heart quiet dovbanih occupiers.”
  • Marichka Padalko: “Eternal memory! Not probable by us, nor by our children.”
  • Dasha Astaf’eva: “Yaki zhakh”;
  • “So many summaries of news… Why?
  • “Skіlki zruynovanih zhittіv through chiyu ailing head”;
  • “It’s just zhahittya, this stupidity and terrible war took thousands of innocent lives”;
  • “Lord, the heart is bursting. We can’t beat it.”

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