Lavrov vociferously stating about the war with Sunset: calling the EU and NATO in the coalition against Russia

Sergiy Lavrov held a conference with his colleague from Azerbaijan Jeyhun Bayramov. At the beginning of the hour, the minister of foreign affairs of the country-aggressor, having “marked” the paid bill, transmits channel 24.

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Lavrov’s appeals to the EU and NATO coalition against Russia

Movlyav, tsі alliances specially united their zusilla. And їkhnyoy pershochergovoy targetperekona toxic Lavrov, become Russia. On yoga thought, you can’t reach out to attack her.

We have few illusions that the current Russophobic charge of the European Union could somehow change into an autumn, but rather, honestly, long-term perspective. Ale ce way, what Europeans took away,
– voicing Lavrov.

Vin adding that in the country-aggressors respectfully look after the European Union. Ba more, weave crocs, like vins to rob. Do not hesitate to respect Ukraine and Moldova, having voiced that the country-candidates – for membership in the EU – support the supporters of the Union.

Natomist іnshі zh powers, perekonaniya vіn, pragnate to demonstrate their independence. Tse vin, maybe, thinly pulling on the Ugorshchina, yak became the official representative of Russia in Europe she constantly puts spokes in the wheels of the usim right away.

There were no riddles about Hitler

Reading the manuals of the Kremlin would be inaccurate, yakbi Lavrov forgetting about Hitler. Also, under the hour of the conference, I can post a win guessing. The EU and NATO are guilty of breaking up with the dictator, in his own time, having chosen the low European powers to fight for the Radyansk Union.

Lavrov respected that the coalition, like NATO and the EU, was organized to attack Russia. Movlyav, it’s respectful to follow for the winter, so that in any case you won’t allow it.

Lavrov voiced about the attack of NATO and EU for a reason

Sergiy Lavrov is really not a bad person. Vіn is simply worthy of spending money, as well as the protection of his relatives. You don’t need to tell about the share of those who, at some point, have become against the will of the greater church in Russia.

The minister of foreign rights is literally trying to get involved in the war and the EU, and NATO. To kill wine in order so that Russia had a bula vagoma reason or capitulation, but still lead a nuclear strike. If you want to remain small, even if you understand the scale of risks. That same time, the aggressor country gained some remaining importance in the vein, as if it were so wicked.

Zagalom at the Kremlin for the rest of the months articulating that Ukraine is not alone at war with Russia. And with this rank, the country is trying to prepare its population to a possible program. Adzhe uphold chotirioh msyatsіv reach Boday, as if from the set goals did not go. And the supply of goods from Ukraine to international partners is only more difficult. We are fighting more effectively, and the Russians will dig in on the positions they occupied earlier.

Finally guess what granting Ukraine the status of a candidate with an EU member – a right brush in the throat of Russia. There is one more majestic rock in the “Russian world”, which our state has crushed. So it is becoming more and more important to take care of the mythical “land selections” of the country-aggressors.

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