Kyiv authorities introduced benefits for the security and defense forces of Ukraine

For the period of martial law, benefits will apply to the rental of communal property. The KSCA also approved the decision to write off debts for land by defense facilities.

Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko, following a meeting of the Kyiv City Council, said that the Kyiv City Council has introduced a special procedure and benefits for renting communal premises by the security and defense forces of Ukraine. About it informs press service of the KSCA.

Now, for the above subjects, the cost of renting communal premises for the entire period of martial law will be 1 hryvnia.

“The cost of rent for the areas that are in the communal property of the territorial community of the city of Kyiv, for the security and defense forces is set at 1 hryvnia – for the period of martial law and within a month after its termination or cancellation,” Klitschko explained.

Also, the deputies of the Kyiv City State Administration approved the decision to write off debts for land by defense facilities and considered the updated version of the program “Defender of Kyiv” – for proper financing of the territorial defense of the capital.

In addition, in order to increase the defense potential of the capital, which includes the organization of military service, the performance of military duty, mobilization training and territorial defense of Kyiv, it is planned to attract 238.8 million hryvnia from the city budget for 2022-2024:

  • in 2022 — UAH 174.2 million (funding increased by UAH 128.6 million);
  • in 2023 – UAH 34.7 million;
  • in 2024 – UAH 29.8 million.

The allocation of these funds is due to the fact that in Kyiv the number of territorial defense units has more than doubled. Also in the capital, the work of the training center for municipal security forces, territorial defense units and volunteer formations of the territorial community of the capital began.

In addition, the city authorities began to receive numerous appeals from the military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other armed formations with a request to provide military equipment for those servicemen who leave Kyiv to perform combat missions.

Also, with the outbreak of hostilities, at the request of the military leadership, various categories of military personnel are transported.

Recall that for the period of martial law in Kyiv, citizens can rent housing with a discount of up to 60%. In various ad bases, you can find apartments at a price of 5-8 thousand hryvnia, as well as at a price of 11-16 thousand hryvnia – in the central districts of the city.

Previously Focus clarified the situation in the capital’s real estate market, which has developed for the summer of 2022. Experts note that the cost of rent in the capital has already reached the bottomand it seems that landlords are no longer ready to reduce rates.

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