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The expected decision on the status of an EU candidate country for Ukraine is “the end of an era of uncertainty” and “a direct recognition that Ukraine is part of the European project.” Said it on air single telethon foreign minister Dmitry Kuleba.

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“First of all, we are talking about the end of an era of uncertainty in relations between Ukraine and the European Union. Finally, it will be announced that Ukraine is part of the pan-European integration and will be a member of the European Union,” the minister said.

He also emphasized that “this is the very milestone we have fought for for decades” and that “this achievement is about to be one step away from us.”

Kuleba recalled that for years the European Union refused to recognize even the European perspective of Ukraine, “however, now the situation is moving into a completely new quality.”

“We will carry out our own reforms, the European Union will carry out its own, but it is fundamentally important for us that when designing its own perspective, the European Union will already have in mind the future membership of Ukraine and count on its entry,” he said.

The decision to give Ukraine the status of a candidate country for joining the European Union can be made today or tomorrow at the summit of EU leaders that began in Brussels.

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