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German Economy Minister Robert Habeck does not rule out that before winter the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin will completely cut off gas supplies to the country, and claims that the government is urgently doing everything to mitigate the shock to the economy in such a scenario. He spoke about the situation with savings wherever possible. Spiegel.

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Asked if he thought the Kremlin would decide to shut off the gas supply altogether, the Vice Chancellor said he “didn’t want to try himself as Putin’s psychologist.”

“But you can see a clear pattern: Putin is gradually reducing gas volumes, keeping the price high at the expense of the deficit – and thus wants to increase pressure on the population in order to stir up uncertainty and fear. This is his strategy,” Khabek explained.

He urged the Germans to accept that “we are already where Germany has never been”, that the country has a severe gas crisis, which is likely to worsen significantly in a negative scenario.

“Gas consumption should be reduced wherever possible. [Если этого будет недостаточно], will have to make very difficult decisions: to close industries. For some industries, this will be a disaster: many will become unemployed, and the regions will lose entire industrial complexes,” he outlined one of the options for the future.

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The vice-chancellor called on citizens to solidarity in saving energy. As an option:

→ Socks and sweaters – “always a good idea in winter”;
→ in summer it makes sense to hydraulically balance the heating system so that heat is better distributed: this will save 15% of energy, and with 41 million households these “little things” are not trifles;
→ lowering the temperature in the house by 1°C in winter will bring another 6% savings;
→ less use of air conditioning in summer;
→ reduce shower time;
→ go on vacation by train rather than by plane.

“What we are doing is better than being in the clutches of Putin. He wants to make us come to terms with his murders,” Khabek said.

In response to criticism of how alternative gas can be purchased from Qatar, he said that there is no “white” gas on the market now, “but there is black gas: the one supplied by Putin.”

  • On June 13, the Russian Federation began to reduce the load on the Nord Stream pipeline to Europe and Germany in particular. From June 16, loading is limited to 67 million m3/day, which is 100 million m3 lower than in May. Moscow says it is “due to technical problems.”
  • June 16 Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the EU threatened Berlin with a complete halt gas pipeline.
  • On June 23, Germany announced an “alarming level” of preparedness for an emergency situation in the gas market.
  • Khabek believes that the gas war unleashed by Russia proves the high effectiveness of sanctions against her.

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