Kazakhstan could become the first victim of Russian imperialism, – Piontkovsky

About the exclusive distribution of channel 24 publicist Andriy Piontkovsky. Vіn also signified that Kazakhstan could become the first power-victim of Russia’s imperialism.

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As far as Ukraine and Kazakhstan are concerned, in Ukraine there were few Russians, but they equally speak of Ukrainian and respect native. What can you say about Kazakhstan, it’s brilliantly victorious Nazarbaev,
– appoints Piontkovsky.

Himself for the first time of the presidency they virishy moved the capital to pivnich. In addition, in order to abi erase tsyu razyuchu ethnic and geographic difference, add vin.

The threat for Kazakhstan was growing steadily, because if you can’t find yourself on the sovereign level, then Kazakhstan’s faith is miraculously wise, adds Piontkovsky.

“Under the hour of zієї zustrіchі, pіd іn аn hour of thаt Putin’s oxen about imperial ambitions, Tokaєv іz kam’yanymi guise, аdzhe rozumіv, that Putin’s imperial ambitions are also worthy of Kazakhstan,” Andriy Pіontovskiy said.

Putin strimko vtrachaє post-tradyansky expanse of z-pіd svogo “control”, summing up Piontkovsky.

Kazakhstan supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine

The President of Kazakhstan voiced his support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Kasim-Jomart Tokayev, explaining his statement at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, stating that the most important thing is territorial integrity. This is the very reason why Kazakhstan is not recognized as a quasi-establishment in the territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Another sharp statement by Tokayev

Putin’s pribіchnik and Chechnya’s friend Ramzan Kadirov pounced on the members of the Organization of the agreement on collective security zvuvachennyam, no matter “Russia ryatuvala”, but at the same time, members of the CSTO did not help. Zgadav Kadirov and about the protests in Belarus and Kazakhstan, and about the war in Nagirny Karabas. Under hour tsієї declare Kadirov again ashamed – talking, if the weight of the SRSR fought against the leader of the OUN Stepan Banderi.

However apparently Tokaeva didn’t get in trouble. The President of Kazakhstan, having announced that the next hour of protests in September 2022, the fate of the country was not “reprimanded” by Russia, but by the CSTO. To that, behind the words of the Kazakh president, the thought about those who can goitre before Russia and can always serve and bow at the feet is wrong.

Why Tokayev pishov against Putin: marvel at the video

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