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Viewers always want to see some passion and heated moments.

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UNIAN remembered the top 5 conflicting moments related to Ukrainian shows. Some even happened live.

Ksenia Mishina and “Diesel Studio”

In the summer of 2022, director Nikolai Fedosenkov stated that “Diesel Studio” did not pay him a salary. This caused a wave of indignation towards the humorous studio. Fedosenkov was interceded by his longtime girlfriend, actress Ksenia Mishina.

“Such actions of Diesel Studio are probably because of the letter Z in the logo?”, the star of the TV series Fortress wrote in one of her posts. She also urged not to turn a blind eye to such situations and give them publicity.

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Alexey Blanar, the project manager, said in response to Mishina: “I always knew that Mishina was a whore, but I see her as a political prostitute for the first time.”

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Following public condemnation, Blanar removed his offending post and apologized to Mishina.

Tina Karol and Olya Polyakova

In one of the episodes of the show “Mask” Olya Polyakova called Tina Karol “a mourner at the funeral.” Of course, haters attacked Olya for this, and she hastened to make excuses: I wanted to say that my colleague has a too sad repertoire. Karol replied that she would continue to cry, but not at the funeral, but for health and “the strength of height in the proximity of kindred souls.” The artist did not return to public showdowns anymore.

Vlad Yama and Lesya Nikityuk

In 2018, the TV presenter took part in the show “Dancing with the Stars”. After one of the broadcasts, she recorded a video in which she was indignant that the third broadcast in a row, the judge of the project, Vlad Yama, incorrectly and unfairly spoke to her, because she was on the floor only the third time.

“The broadcast was very emotional, and many did not restrain themselves in their statements, it looked like a trend. Lesya Nikityuk’s abusive cry of course could not be ignored. And in fact, yes, I gave a low mark for a not very successful samba. But if I rated only for behavior, it would have been one. However, I still appreciated the work and the little progress that the couple made in a week, “Yama then reacted.

However, after a few broadcasts, the conflict was resolved. They even danced together.

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“I don’t think we really quarreled. It’s just that I, as a judge, commented on the dances, and Lesya emotionally reacted to my words,” Vlad Yama said in one of the broadcasts of Dancing with the Stars in 2018.

MARUV and Ekaterina Kukhar

There was also a conflict between them on Dancing with the Stars. In 2019, when the performer took part in them, she received sharp criticism from the judge. Especially tense was the moment when Ekaterina Kukhar was asked if she was ready to dance with Maruv. She replied: “I’m ready to dance with MARUV only when she graduates from the Kiev State Choreographic School”, thus hinting at the participant’s low level of professionalism.

Kuhar also repeatedly accused MARUV of excessive frankness and defiant images. The jury member said that the singer could show her “provocations” more beautifully.


Olya Freimut and Ekaterina Kukhar

In 2020, Olga Freimut, the ex-host of the show “Inspector” and “Inspector”, took part in Dancing with the Stars. Given her lack of dancing experience, the judges gave her low marks. And Kukhar, on one of the broadcasts, generally stated: “During your dance, it seemed to me that samba for your body is like a life sentence. And your legs refuse to listen to the commands that the brain gives. Vladimir (Olga Freimut’s husband, – ed.) You managed to seduce but no samba”.

The TV presenter did not remain silent, and invited Katya to go to church and repent for all her incorrect expressions against the participants, who were just starting their dancing path.

“Kat, just let’s not take offense, okay? I held on for a long time, two broadcasts: the first – everything was fine, in the second you called me a drunkard and an alcoholic. I will speak on behalf of all your victims, because you have been sitting here for many years as a queen and you feed your pride against the backdrop of our shortcomings. Katya, instead of sitting here on Sunday, judging us all, you’d better go to church and repent,” Freimut replied, after which the hall broke into a storm of applause.

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