Judge: Akunin — far from the only Russian Russophobe writer

That the books Boris Akunin removed from sale, a good sign, but, unfortunately, there are many like him. About this to the correspondent IA REGNUM On June 22, the political scientist said Aslan Rubaev.

It is very good that Boris Akunin’s books were taken off the market, only Akunin is not the only anti-Russian writer“, – said the expert.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cultural figures who are increasingly reminiscent of the fifth column in their behavior, Rubaev noted. In order to prevent and spread such figures, it is urgent to recreate artistic councils that will filter and prevent such authors from being published, the expert believes.

Such “cultural figures” do not think in the interests of the state, they are typical liberal rabble, living by instincts from the area below the navel. We do not go along with them, Russia rejected them“- concluded the political scientist.

Please note that the shop…

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