Jovichevich waited for the good Shakhtar

The new successor of the Italian coach

Igor Jovichevich can become the successor of Roberto De Dzerbi. According to the information of the journalist Mikhail Spivakovsky, the Donetsk club has already made a proposition to the mentor of Dnipro-1.

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The 48-year-old fakhivets had already given his life to cross over to Shakhtar. If the sides go ahead, then the Croatian will have the opportunity to improve with the Ukrainian grandee in the new season and European cups. “Girniki” are opening the European way from the group round of the Champions League.

Jovichevich can reach the Donetsk team absolutely free of charge through the FIFA decision. The association allowed the granting of engravings and tutors from foreign passports.

Tsikavo, that in Yovichevich there is a valid contract from Dniprom-1, a kind of insurance for the river. The situation is identical with de Dzerbі, which will please Shakhtar until the 30th of Chernivtsi, 2023.

99.9% Shakhtar’s coach

For information foreign sports journalist Roman BebekhJovichevich will become the new head coach of the Donetsk club by 99.9%.

At this right, two factors could win – team vistup at Liza champions and additional help of the director of “girnikiv” Dario Srni, who is also for the Croatian nationality.

  • For the bags of the past season, that through the war, the end of the dostrokovo, Shakhtar sowed the first month. Donechchani outscored Dynamo by two points.
  • Dnipro-1 under Igor Yovichevich’s construction after 18 tours in the third place, which also played in European cups.

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