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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the G7 and NATO should not push Ukraine to agree to unfavorable peace conditions. This is reported Politico.

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He called on Western countries to “give the Ukrainians strategic endurance.”

“My message to colleagues in the G7 and NATO in particular… now is not the time to agree and encourage Ukrainians to agree to a bad peace, to a peace for which they are invited to give up part of their territory in exchange for a ceasefire,” Johnson said.

Such a development of events, in his opinion, will become a “catastrophe” and, probably, “bring courage” to the Russian dictator Vladimir Putinand will also cause additional economic damage to the world.

Johnson said that Ukraine needs help to change the dynamics in the Donbass and in the south of the country.

  • On June 18, he wrote a column called “We will never be safe if we turn our backs on the valiant Ukraine”in which he outlined his vision of four “vital steps” to support Ukraine in confronting the Russian occupiers.

  • June 22 Johnson declaredthat the UK should not allow anyone to think that concessions to Putin will lead to “anything but disaster”, as he will take it “as a reward for unwarranted aggression”.

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