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Conservative Party Head of British Government Boris Johnson lost two seats in parliament in the by-election. This is, as expressed in Reuters”was a devastating blow to the ruling party”, which has already caused the resignation of the party chairman and “increased doubts about the future of the prime minister.”

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Particularly unpleasant for the prime minister is the fact that the Conservatives lost in the elections in Tiverton and Honiton in the south-west of England, where their positions were traditionally strong, and Wakefield in the north, where they took the mandate last time. In the south, the centrist Liberal Democrats won, in the north, Labor.

Conservative Party leader Oliver Dowden resigned wrote a letter with the hint that Johnson should take responsibility for the electoral failure. However, from Prime Minister’s letter it follows that he is not going to take on such responsibility.

“Absolutely, we had a difficult by-election result. I think that as a government, I should listen to what people say. I must admit, we still have a lot to do.<...> [Но] this government was elected with a historic mandate just over two years ago. Looking forward to continuing to work together,” Johnson wrote.

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The Guardian quoting PM Media writes: “Johnson said he would ‘listen’ to voters but ‘keep moving forward’ after the Tories suffered a double defeat in a by-election.”

Earlier in June he survived a vote of no confidence Conservative deputies, although 41% of his associates in parliament voted for his resignation. Now he has year of immunity from re-vote.

However, as the agency writes, a wave of resignations of members of Johnson’s Cabinet could become another way “to oust” the prime minister long before the next national elections in 2024.

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