Jerry Heil sang the video from Berlin

The Ukrainian couple and the blogger Jerry Heil are staying in Germany, where they gave favorable concerts to the support of Ukraine. That now star has shown how people in Europe cheer for Ukraine.

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Jerry Heil showed a video from Berlin

Vikonavitsia revealed that for days she had gone to Berlin in a taxi. Їy drank “balakuchiy” water, which zavazhav їy with roses. Ale potim vіn zaspivav hymn of Ukraine to remember.

Uchora was eating like a goofy taxi driver in Berlin. Playing with us, until you start to sing the anthem of Ukraine, remind us! So, having strayed the letters, sleeping, approximately like I freestyled rakamakafo at my fingertips. Ale sleeping!
– shared Jerry Heil.

Jerry Heil showed how the driver of the taxi wins the anthem: marvel at the video

Then the vicar Jerry Heil sang water and fed yoga, as if he knew the melody and the words so well. The man knew that he had played the national anthems of rich countries earlier.

Yak Jerry Heil helps Ukraine

Spivochka at the concert of Billy Ailish took care of the fact that hand over the Ukrainian ensign, which I signed earlier. Fans of Billy Zirka helped throw yoga onto the stage, so the artist opened yoga and kissed it in front of thousands of peeps.

Jerry Heil knew that guessing the world about war in Ukraine, it periodically helps funds that are fighting against Russian zagarbniks in other areas. “As part of the Good Evening from Ukraine tour, we help the Igor Lastochkin Foundation, which helps our fighters, and the Masha Efrosinina Foundation, as it takes care of the well-being of our women and children.”

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