Ivanishvili is deliberately afraid of Putin, – Georgian political expert about the position of Georgia in the war

The Georgian political expert Gela Vasadze spoke about it on air on Channel 24.

important Belarus can give territory to the cordon of Ukraine for the military base of Russia, – General Staff

On one thought, it would be, that the Georgian government could ruin all the possibilities that were in them.

The establishment of the Georgian government until Ukrainian April 24th

Gela Vasadze explained that their food in Ukraine is not western political, but internal political. For the Georgian rulers, the Ukrainians are part of the opposition. Speaking about the door of the Prime Minister of Georgia, if he said that “the Georgian opposition is changing from the government of Ukraine.”

“Stinks, you were the ruler of the friends of Mikheil Saakashvili, and the friends of Mikheil Saakashvili cannot be their friends,” – appointing Gela Vasadze.

One more moment. It’s defiant to be afraid of Putin. Specifically, Ivanishvili is really afraid of Putin. Vіn at their hour vtіkav vіd nygo, hovavsya,
– appointing Gela Vasadze.

According to the expert’s opinion, there is a special fear in Ivanishvili. Wine can be irrational.

“Let’s not forget that Bidzina Ivanishvili is a Russian oligarch. He took his pennies in Russia. There, he has a lot of, let’s say, a lot of partners,” adding Vasadze.

In addition, the Georgian political expert, having declared that Ivanishvili is violating the function, de facto accepts all strategically important decisions in the country.

Why is the Georgian government afraid of Putin: marvel at the video

Guess what earlier David Arakhamia robbed the statement about Bidzin Ivanishvili. Vіn stverdzhuvav, scho to that close connection from the Russian political elite. People’s Deputy initiating international sanctions against a Georgian.

David Arakhamia, declaring that there were public spitting, as if confirming the link between the oligarch and the so-called “elite” of Russia.

In addition, having voiced his voice, “the entire policy of the government of Georgia is the culmination of the Kremlin’s instructions. This is the reason for the current rhetoric about the non-existence of the military villains of Russia, as well as attempts to help get around the sanctions.

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