It’s important like never before, – Zelensky yaked at Biden for a 450-million aid package

He wrote about the Ukrainian leader after the fact that in the USA they voted about the new 450-million package of Ukrainian aid for Ukraine.

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Thanks to US President Joe Biden and the American people for the decision to give Ukraine a $450 million defense aid package. We will destroy the Ukrainian land with our sleepy zusills against the Russian aggressor!
– Volodymyr Zelensky said.

For yoga words, tsya pіdtrimka, zokrema dodatkovі HIMARS, at the same time is important like no way.

What do you know about the new help package

On the evening of the 23rd of Cherry, the riverman of the White House spoke at a briefing about the provision of a new tranche of military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of 450 million dollars. Into the new one enter the armored personnel, the zocrema of the new HIMARS multiple rocket launcher systems (the number is not known) and tens of thousands of additional ammunition for the artillery yak already bula nadan.

Also, the Good States will send out patrol boats to protect the internal waters. On the back of the cob of the Russian full-scale invasion, the United States gave Ukraine 6.1 billion dollars worth of non-target assistance.

Multiple launch rocket systems HIMARS

Ukraine has already taken off some launchers of the famous American artillery missile system M142 HIMARS, soon the stench will begin to fight the battlefield at the front. The system can launch the latest high-precision ammunition from a range of 15 to 499 kilometers. And to herself:

  • non-ceramic rocket projectiles that carry cluster ammunition, mini or “intelligent” bombs;
  • ceramic cartridge ammunition;
  • short- and medium-range ceramic missiles;
  • medium-range ballistic missiles MGM-140 ATACMS.

Do not allow the Ukrainian soldiers to strike far behind the front line from the countryside, where it is practically impossible to achieve the Russian far-reaching streak. Most analysts are aware that the stosuvanya tsієї zbroї can become a turning point in the war. On 22 chervnya they told about the completion of training with them for the Ukrainian soldiers.

Before those, the United States wants to learn Ukrainian pilots on NATO aircraft: marvel at the video

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