It would not be cheaper if you gave money to rent a house near Kiev

The kіlkіst grew quiet, hto tsіkavitsya life. Infection indicator becomes 80% versus 30% in grass. Such a large number of shukachi – one of the most significant indications for an hour of war, rose at the LUN.

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Prices for renting apartments near Kiev have reached the bottom

Hinged prices for the “comfort” segment dropped by about 40% And on such a level, they have been trembling for a month now, Vadim Litvinov, a spokesperson for the Kvartali agency, has been circulating.

Zaraz prices in the capital’s market have reached the bottom. Tobto ochіkuvati on the fall – not varto, perekona head of the Association of Fakhіvtsіv z neruhomostі Yury Pita. There are 2 reasons for this:

  • recognition of migration and poputu from internal migrants,
  • seasonality – the snail will drink traditionally falling.

The apartments on the market are constantly being picked up, the realtors are releasing them. In the middle segment, they have more sun, lower to war. In the past, landlords have proclaimed about 9,000 such apartments, and up to 15,000 of these apartments have been posted on websites at a time.

Skіlki nadali koshtuvatime rent a dwelling near Kiev
Prices for renting apartments near Kiev have been pinned down / Infographics bird

What will be with the prices given

Prices will not be changed next next month. The situation is changing in sickle – faith. Behind the words of Litvinov, students will drink and those people of robіtnichih professions, like shukatimut apartments of the economy class.

Until then, it’s a lot of fun, if it’s due specifically until 24 September – the date of the end of the military camp is relevant, adds the realtor Pita. Together we can average +10% to the price of apartments, predicting wine.

The situation at the front can also affect prices. As soon as it gets better – there will be new migrants, and the age of maturity may be through drinking, respecting Litvinov.

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