Interview with POSITIFF, Michelle Andrade and Alina Pash “Frames, as if before the war, ruine”

In an exclusive interview on Channel 24, the artists spoke about spivpratsya, and also spoke about the topical nutrition of Russia’s war against Ukraine and the fight on the cultural front.

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“Before the Svitanka” is a song-song to the unstoppable Ukrainian heroes who are fighting for Ukraine. In the new track, the artists are embracing the spirit and choir of our champions with funny hip-hop beats, as if intertwined with Ukrainian folk motives. Tsya song – a guess, that, as if it were not coherent, it is necessary to believe in the light of the future. Adzhe Ukrainians cannot be evil. We choose freedom and vіdduєmo zruynovane. And the glory of Ukraine will spread all over the earth.

POSITIFF, Michelle Andrade and Alina Pash – “Before the Svitanka”: watch the video online

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Why such a warehouse of artists by recording a track?

Everyone knows what is in us Michelle already є collaboration with MOZGI team i double soundtrack to the Ukrainian series. We always practiced at the same time at the studio, maybe even a lot of unreleased material. Michelle for me, like for a music producer, always had a good sleep, like she admires other Ukrainian artists. She thinks differently, she has her own chips. Tse self-made artist, with which you can create a pose with templates.

I also need creativity Alini Pash. She is creating a unique Ukrainian product. And if you get to know her, you realize that specialness is even stronger. She’s charging. And so it happened, if we began to work on a sleepy song. Already, through the goodness of the fact that I sent an arrangement, Alina sent me a verse and a couplet. I was shocked to see how quickly she got busy at the track. Never thought that my hip-hop beat could be mother Ukrainian handwriting. Alina herself finished yoga.

Zagalom we have a cool and different tandem: Ukrainian-Bolivian; girl, for all life you carry the spirit of Transcarpathia; I am a Kiyanin, which is my Cossack root. I want to follow the style of my and absolutely different artists, for the spirit of my soul, they have already gone.

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Who wrote the text and music, who was the initiator of the collaboration?

In fact, this battle has been lying with me for a long time, more than ever, not passing any group of MOZGI, or “Time and Glass”. And for the sake of it, you will smell it.

Narazі framework, yakі іsnuvali before war, zruynovanі. Artists unite and form a new sound of Ukrainian music.

Michel was the initiator. I was able to arrange it and won Alina chant to come. It turns out that in peaceful hours the trio wouldn’t have been able to, but at the same time it’s time for experiments and collaborations!

In Ukraine, the victoria of Russian music has been hung up in the masses, but Russian artists will become the culprit, as they will sue the war. Chi varto have such a vipadku viokremlyuvati “good Russians”?

I ambiguously put myself up to “good Russians”. I respect the quiet, who is not afraid to express their position broadly, without respect for repressive power. I sue quietly, who koristuєtsya tsim i rob s tsgogo promo. For example, the Belarusian Max Korzh, after 100 days of war, released a track, having played against him for the whole hour. But all the same propaganda narrative about “brother people”. Earlier, we performed in the occupied Crimea, and in 2020 there will be protests near Belarus, calling on the participants in the actions not to leave the house. Not a position, not a hype. Why is such a person dosіdaє last month in the Ukrainian charts? The hour has come for the self-expression of the artistic artists.

POSITIFF / Photo from the artist’s Instagram

You were born in Bolivia, how to be there before the war in Ukraine?

The whole world is with Ukraine. My family in Bolivia wrote to me from the first day of the war. Everyone is already boasting, even if they don’t invest in anyone in their heads, as it is possible in the 21st century. The stench is trying to encourage us, to force us to help financially at the fondies, to ask us to live in them.

What do you know among the people of Ukraine?

So. These are young, handsome, promising lads, as well as sim’annies, in some children, more than rіk was raised. Htos knew the clips, and now they are shooting drones. We are not in close contact at the same time, but I try to help them. For example, I handed over the rest of the money taken for ammunition to a friend in the Troop, with whom we worked on the show “Eagle and Tails” until the war.

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Have you written a new Ukrainian song in an hour of war?

I had a lot of attempts to write songs in Ukrainian language, but when I started to create, tears flowed. So it was and the hour of writing “Before the Svitanka” was written. Alecia song is not about tears. This is the song of the strength of that spirit, as well as the great vdyachnosti to our defenders.

I obov’yazkovo vypuschu Ukrainian mini-album. I’ll turn back to quiet songs, like I started writing on the cob of war. It is important to speak to the music of those who are in my soul. I think I understand the skin of a Ukrainian.

Michel Andrade
Michelle Andrade / Photo from instagram sp_vachki

Your creativity has had projects with Russians. How does collaboration with Ukrainian artists compare with Russians?

Yes, I am small. two projects with Russians. And with the Ukrainians, there may be no personal collaborations, because they stink, good people, and this vibe gives top content.

How was the process of recording the track “Before Svitankom”?

We got to know Michelle that Positively here to that. Be sure to get to know the artist in life, to the one who allows special intelligence to work with us in front of a person, and not a media person. It’s just like that here. Between us, a contact was born, which at once turned into a song. I am glad that this composition is about Ukraine and Ukrainians.

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Vaughn began from the fact that Positive was shared by a beat in telegram. I was honored to change my wines and in the first year I threw in three ideas for songs and spices.

Before the speech, the textual part of our work was inspired by the history of the “Glory of Ukraine” was extinguished, because for the sake of the situation, the very power I played at the moment when I took off the beat of the Positive.

Recently, a law was adopted on the fence of Russian music in Ukraine. How do you put yourself up to new?

I will repeat myself. Here nutrition is not less in the fact that listening to Russian music and financing the Russian army through donations, as an artist pays. And for the one who, as if to get richer and go deeper into the analysis of what the narratives of the creativity of Russian artists, I can sing, but the price is not those for which our warriors fight and die, not those for which our ancestors stood.

We will surround the physical front with the main cultural front. Our powerful creativity, our culture, our music are part of what we are fighting for. І vіdmova vіd muzika rosіyan є important tactful krok in the strategy of de-russification of Ukraine.

Alina Pash
Alina Pash / Photo from instagram sp_vachki

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