Independence Day Weekend 2022

Will Ukrainians have a rest on Independence Day and how the holiday will pass – read on UNIAN.

Independence Day of Ukraine 2022 / photo UNIAN, Nemesh Yanosh

Independence Day is the main public holiday of our country, which is celebrated on August 24. This year Ukraine will celebrate the 31st anniversary of its independence. Every year we look forward to this holiday not only because of the festive events, but also because of the additional days off.

Independence Day Holiday 2022 – will it be this year

Every year, Independence Day is declared a holiday, and if the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the holiday is moved to Monday.

In 2022, Independence Day is celebrated on Wednesday. However no holiday this year. All because of the martial law in the country. During it, days off for public holidays are canceled. Therefore, Wednesday 24 August will be a normal working day.

How to celebrate the Independence Day of Ukraine in 2022

Despite the war, Ukraine will celebrate the holiday this year, because it is an important historical date. It is Russia that is trying to deprive us of independence, which is why it is so important to remember this holiday.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that Independence Day celebration this year will take place, but without loud festivities and expensive events. In what format the holiday will be celebrated – the president did not specify, so as not to inform the occupiers.

“Despite everything, despite the fact that there is a war, we will definitely celebrate all the important dates for our state. Yes, due to security conditions, not very loudly. We cannot afford it. Because all the money goes to the front today. no less, these dates will definitely be in our calendar, in our memory, for our children. And we must definitely do this,” Zelensky stressed.

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