Inappropriate Putin and Lukashenka can discuss only one plan

Remembrance for two tyrants

Will, perhaps, discuss whether Eritrea does not come to a promising, but with signs of dementia of the Allied Power of the Russian Federation and Belarus.

Radimo The Kremlin’s Viysk machine is roaring for guinea pigs: a part has been lost in Ukraine

Volodmir Putin, Oleksandr Lukashenko, Russia, Belarus, war against Ukraine
It’s time for Putin and Lukashenka to think about those who come from planet Earth / Photo by Getty Images

And even more seriously, then two inadequate Putin and Lukashenko, like they drank in power and pennies, and like they praised the prospects of the powerful hromadas, they were only responsible for discussing a single plan. How can they self-destruct, so that they don’t ruin the country and the hulks from the shambles and evildoers.

From what a tank biathlon – once to the planet Plyuk, stink shards want to turn the whole Earth into Plyuk.

Actual – why is Lukashenka afraid to attack Ukraine: marvel at the video

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