In Ukraine, they took the world’s first clip on a thermal imager, which artist made a unique video

War in Ukraine dictates new realities. A lot of artists are aware that they know clips at the same time inappropriately. However, the 40-year-old Sasha Chemerov foresaw, as if he wanted to, so that it was deep for an hour. I also recorded the video robot on the track again on the thermal imager.

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Sasha Chemerov

Such an idea fell on the mind of the talented Ukrainian video maker Gosha Vinokurov. So, a unique video of the wines propagated a new song by Sasha Chemerov “Replace me”. Zyomki were seen near Lvov, and the thermal imager of the musician was positive at the soldiers of the Azov regiment.

This is a unique work with video. Nobody knew the clip before, the vicorist only the thermal imager. Tsya song – hope and statement of fact. Її style, sing-song, romantic grunge. The picture accurately conveys the mood of the song, and the concept gives an understanding that we are all in sight, we are all in trouble,
– commenting Sasha Chemerov in instagram.

Tsikavo, which is the first release, in which case he is not the author of the track. The text and music for the new one were written by Kiev sound producer Oleksandr Filonenko.

Sasha Chemerov

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