In Ukraine, the story of the Belarusian writer was expelled from the school curriculum

In Ukraine, the working group on updating Ukrainian curricula proposed to replace Vasyl Bykov’s “Alpine Ballad” for 7th grade students with the novel by the Irish writer John Boyne “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” or the novel by the French writer Eric-Emmanuel Schmidt “Children of Noah”. This is reported by Radio Liberty (a media outlet recognized in the Russian Federation as a foreign agent).

The decision of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine notes that the exclusion of the works of Russian and Belarusian writers from the school curriculum is due to the “military invasion of Russia”, psychological and physical trauma to children due to the war, the importance of developing cultural ties between Ukraine and “civilized countries”, the need for moral support for schoolchildren and “strengthening spiritual strength of the Ukrainian nation” with the help of world literary heritage.


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