In Ukraine, the party was blocked, as it used to be called “Putin’s Policy Party”

Court defended the party “Russia is one”

At the press service, the body was appointed that on the 24th black board of judges of the Eighth Administrative Court of Appeal completed the review of the administrative inquiry about the fence of the Rus’ Unity party. She made a decision to fence a political organization.

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As in the previous decisions, some and other active parties, її regional, municipal, district organizations, the first middle ones and other structural institutions were transferred to the power of the state.

What do you know about the party “Rus is one”

The party was registered by the Ministry of Justice in Chernivtsi in 2003, under the name of the Slovyansk People’s Patriotic Union, and it was added to the Register of Political Parties under the number 93. In 2004, the rotational party supported Viktor Yanukovych in the presidential elections.

On November 8, 2005, the political party changed its name to “Putin’s Party of Politics”. In the program of the party, a meta is indicated: the convergence of the common economic space of the sovereign slovak powers.

In 2006, the Party of Politics PUTINA ran for the Verkhovna Rada and scored over 31,000 (0.12 votes) support votes. The party took the biggest vote from Sevastopol, de took 0.38 votes of the electors. After that, the name was changed to “Russia is one”. For the tribute of Youcontrol, the camp on March 21, 2022, 17 events of the “Putin’s Party of Politics” were held in Ukraine.

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Yakі sche party harrowed after the cob of war

In Ukraine, 13 political forces have already been fenced off in a zahal, as the Ministry of Justice is respected by the pro-Russian ones. Crimean party “Rus is one”, the court has blocked the activity of such parties:

  • “opposition block”
  • “Socialists”
  • “Justice and development”,
  • “Our”,
  • “Power”,
  • “Block Volodymyr Saldo”. Okrim PSPU,
  • HLE,
  • “Party Shariy”,
  • “Socialist Party of Ukraine”,
  • “Left Opposition”,
  • “Union of living forces”,
  • “Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine”.

So tsіkavo – who is calling Anatoly Shariy: marvel at the video

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