In Ukraine, men are invited to work, although women are more often looking for work (infographic)

Most of the open vacancies today are for such positions as a security guard, driver, foreman, loader, turner, electrician.

In Ukraine, at the moment, there is a gender imbalance in offers – most of them are designed for men, while women are looking for work, first of all. This, in particular, is discussed in a recent article. Focus To have a salary. How to find a job in Ukraine that pays.

Anna Mazur, founder of the Happy Monday career platform, told Focusthat on different platforms the largest number of vacancies from employers are in such specialties as a security guard, driver, foreman, loader, turner, electrician, salesman, courier, cashier. Among the fields of activity in terms of the number of vacancies, engineering, production, logistics and IT are in the lead.

In Ukraine, a large proportion of registered unemployed are women

“This distribution illustrates a strong gender imbalance in offers: most of them are designed for men, while women are looking for work, both abroad and in Ukraine,” Anna Mazur emphasized.

Referring to the data of the State Employment Service, she noted that as of May 1, 61% of the officially registered unemployed were women (173 thousand people) and 39% were men (110.4 thousand people).

Reporting for January-May, in the State Employment Service reportedthat among women the employment rate decreased from 51.2% to 50.4%, among men – from 61.8% to 61.5%. And the unemployment rate among women has risen, while among men it has fallen.

Infographics of the State Employment Center on employment

The level of employment of the population according to the State Employment Center

According to the Happy Monday career platform, the following trends were noticed in the labor market in Ukraine in June 2022:

  • the number of vacancies is from 22% to 40% of the pre-war level,
  • the proportion of remote vacancies is increasing, and it will continue to be so,
  • the number of applicants exceeds the number of open vacancies three times,
  • the number of vacancies for specialists with experience up to a year or without it decreased by 67%,
  • The most demanded specialists are in the service sector, in production and in IT.


No salary or experience. How leave at your own expense affects the length of service of employees

Lawyer, Counsel at the law firm “Ilyashev & Partners” Valeria Gudiy in the column for Focus reminded me that in difficult times companies can send employees on unpaid leavebut employees should remember: the accrual of seniority stops as soon as such an application is submitted.

Previously Focus reported that in May, salaries in almost all areas fell by 20-60%. As of the end of May employers were primarily looking for sellers and IT specialists. But in June, the labor market revived a little. In particular, wages have stopped fallinghowever, do not grow.

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