In the US, the court allowed the son of Elon Musk to change his name and become a woman

The request of the 18-year-old son of an American billionaire and entrepreneur Ilona Mask about the change of gender and name was satisfied by the court in the United States. This was reported on June 23 by NBC News.

Xavier Alexander Musk filed in April a petition to the court for an official change of name and gender. In addition, Musk’s son stated that he does not want to be related to his biological father in any way and share a surname with him.

Since there were no objections, the court granted the motion for a name change, recognition of the gender change, and a new birth certificate.

Xavier Alexander Musk officially became a girl named Vivian Jenna Wilson. This is the eldest twin son of a billionaire, he and his twin brother were born in the marriage of Musk with an actress Justin Wilson, the entrepreneur divorced her in 2008. The twins were born through IVF. The couple has five children in total.

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