In the Sumy region vikoristali phosphorus projectiles were fenced: at the medicinal child

Dzherel was told about it in the Office of the President. At the office, they urged that the occupiers in the country beat the fenced fence, transmitting channel 24.

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At the liquor store one child

In the aftermath of the attack of the Sumy region with priming shells the child was corrected to the medical mortgage. Її the camp does not speak out.

Let’s guess that the head of the Sumy OVA, Dmytro Zhyvitsky, told about the attack. Vіn respecting that Russian soldiers vicoristals under the hour of shelling of the Yunakivsky community “Gradi”. They fired shells filled with phosphorus by the International Convention.

Rules of conduct for the hour of phosphorus attacks

Let’s tell you, what can be the first medical help in times of damage with white phosphorus. Shells with him regularly launch Russian military troops at the civilian population.

  • It is necessary to bury the poshkodzhenu boat of the body near the water. So varto water or soak the skin and clothes with water there, where drops of phosphorus have been depleted.
  • Clothes, to which parts of phosphorus are stuck, follow yakomoga swidshe. For whom it is bazhano, it is superbly protective of your son-in-law. The best is to stand by the water.
  • Choyno vie dressed up clothes – wash the damage of the dealership with the help of soda and water (1 teaspoon sodi in a bottle of water) or plain water. Let the skin get wet and put some visible parts of phosphorus into it (so it’s bagan under water). For whom, use a non-sharp object or tweezers.
  • How can you have such a possibility, then opіki varto cover with water bandages. Їx bazhano seep physical distribution. Tse allow the re-ignition of phosphorus to disappear.
  • Have a blast like some parts of phosphorus were spent on objects, then extinguish them with water, otherwise just sip with a sip of chi grunt. It is necessary to work to doti, the docks to the phosphorus will cease to be acid, which can be re-borrowed.

Near red occupants kіlkasot once shelled Sumy region and Chernigіvshchyna

On the 23rd of Chernivtsi, the riverman of the DPSU Andriy Demchenko, at the briefing of the roses, how many times of this month the occupiers fired fire in the Sumy region and Chernigiv region. Z yoga sliv, enemy beating in these regions less than 320 times.

Well, if there is a chance of a possible repeated attack, then yoga is not yet transferred. The Ukrainian side, having reconquered Demchenko, did not wait from the side of Russia for that large amount of molding, which would be enough for a repetition of the attack.

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