In the Odessa region, a daredevil raccoon wanted to climb into the recreation center, but got stuck in the fence (photo)

Rescuers freed the animal from the trap.

It is noted that the animal is alive, but now it

On the Odessa region the daredevil raccoon wanted to crawl into the recreation center. However, he “did not calculate” his dimensions and got stuck in the fence. Rescuers had to release the animal.

This was reported on the page of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service in the Odessa region Facebook.

“A desperate raccoon dog tried to quietly get into the recreation centers “Pristan” in the city of Belyaevka (actually, no one understood its purpose), but did not calculate its “dimensions” and the flexibility of a wooden fence, so it could not have done without the help of rescuers,” the message says.

The raccoon was rescued / photo

Rescuers quickly arrived at the Urudorova River. There they got on a boat to the place where the raccoon was stuck, and rescued him from the trap. It is noted that the fluffy creature is alive, but now it is “departing” from a state of shock.

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