In the Novosibirsk region there was a critical increase in the number of accidents with animals

Since the beginning of the year, the Novosibirsk Region has celebrated a critical increase in the number of accidents with wild animals. This was reported in the government of the region with reference to statistics of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology.

“People who knocked down animals will be punished: the amount of compensation for damage to the animal world for a downed elk is 80 thousand rubles, for a downed roe deer – 40 thousand rubles, the authorities said. — You cannot take the carcass of a downed animal with you. According to the law, the animal is not ownerless”.

So, according to the On June 23, 44 road accidents occurred in the region, in which 31 elk and 13 roe deer died.

For comparison, the number of accidents with wild animals in the region in 2016 was six, in 2017 – nine, in 2018 – six, in 2019 – 25 cases, in 2020 – 11, in 2021 – 41.

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