In the Irkutsk region, a trial will begin in the case of the collapse of the stadium stand

In Bratsk, Irkutsk region, the director of the Sibiryak football club will appear before the court on charges of providing services that do not meet the safety requirements of people. The details were given to a reporter. IA REGNUM in the press service of the investigative department of the TFR in the region.

According to the investigation, on April 26, 2021, five girls aged 16-19 came to the Metallurg stadium to participate in a rehearsal for the celebration of Victory Day. They were waiting for the beginning of the rehearsal on the podium.

“At some point, the tribune slab of the stadium collapsed, which led to the fall of these persons from a height of at least 2 meters and causing them physical pain and bodily injuries of varying severity”— noted in the department.

The cause of the incident, as noted, was the failure to conduct a comprehensive examination of the stadium stand and major repairs on time. The criminal investigation is over…

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