In the Donetsk region, Ukrainian warriors revealed and defeated the soothsayers of the DRG: the excesses at the armor flowed in

About this data, published in the ranking link of the General Staff on 24 chervnia.

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The enemy is ducked at the panitsa

It seems that in the Donetsk region, Ukrainian soldiers have revealed sabotage-rozvіduvalni groups of the enemy. After all, it was possible to give them a good-natured slut. It is not surprising that the nazhakhany zagarbniks had a chance to literally slip in, so as not to popovnit lava “two hundred”.

In the Donetsk region, the invaders are shelling our troops

Although there are no active combat operations in the Donetsk region, we don’t care about shooting ZSU. For whom the vicorist will use the best artillery.

For example, they beat her directly on Bakhmutsky. The districts of Mykolaivka, Berestovoye, and also Novolugansky were consumed by the fortune-telling fire. Vodnochas next to understand what zagarbniks to improve their tactful position. In addition, it is important for them to control roads between settlements. Also they are regularly shelled.

Fire guards fired fire and straight ahead on Novopavlivskoe. Under the blow of the occupiers, the areas of Antonivka, Vugledara, as well as Zolotoy Nivi were consumed.

This is the current situation on the front near Donetsk / Screenshot of liveuamap

We respect that active combat actions were not guarded and on other lines. Moment about Andriivsky, Kurakhivsky, and also Zaporisky. At one time it is possible to rob the enemy so that we are not small enough to transfer the power reserves. Zokrema, on those lines, pіdstrength of those to allow vibivating the enemy.

The guards also fired on our positions near the areas of Avdiivka, Umansky, Vesele, Novobakhmutivka, Gulyaipilsky, Bilogir, and also Staroukrainka.

If we already guessed to waste the enemy, then the stench is colossal. The renewal of several months of the Russian war has shortened by a few dozen thousand soldiers.

Soon there will be 35 thousand occupiers

On the cob of a large-scale invasion lavi “two hundred” added 34,430 Russian soldiers. But the number is approximately, even if it is not possible to destroy the enemy in the areas where active combat operations are conducted.

Cream of that on the balance sheet of the fortune army, the quantity of equipment has significantly decreased. Moment about 1504 tanks, 3632 armored fighting vehicles, 756 artillery systems, 240 multiple launch rocket systems, 99 anti-aircraft guns.

And yet, 216 aircraft, 183 helicopters, 620 UAVs of operational-tactical level, 137 cruise missiles, 14 ships, 2548 vehicles and tankers, as well as 60 units of special equipment were transferred to the brucht.

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