In the border areas of the Sumy region, the new academic year will begin online

More than 50% of parents agree that their children attend schools if the security situation in the region allows.

In the Sumy region, the academic year will start online /

In the border areas of the Sumy region, a new academic year will start online.

About this the head of the Sumy regional military administration Dmitry Zhivitsky informed on the air of the informational telethon.

“The Sumy region is preparing for the start of a new academic year: where it is possible and the security situation allows, training will be resumed offline. Already at the moment it has been decided that we do not have offline training will be resumed, online training will be organized there,” Zhivitsky said.

He informed that surveys of educational institutions are currently being carried out, in which they plan to resume full-time education.

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“Out of 375 schools in the region, it is planned to resume education in 223, they are now being surveyed. Based on the results of the survey, we will not be able to resume education in all of these 223 schools, because not everywhere there are shelters, not everywhere there are bomb shelters, and also not everywhere there are bomb shelters, which are located nearby, within a 2-3 minute walk from educational institutions,” Zhivitsky explained.

The chairman of the Sumy OVA noted that a survey is also being conducted among parents on whether they agree that their children go to school from September 1.

“Among parents, 53% have already answered that if the security situation allows, they agree that their children go to offline school and attend the educational institution itself,” Zhivitsky emphasized.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on July 21, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that only institutions with equipped shelters would start offline training from September 1. These should be basements or semi-basements with protective equipment, light and toilets.

July 31 Russian invaders shelled the Sumy region from mortars and artillery – more than 50 arrivals were recorded.

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