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The Ukrainian side is always ready for provocations, said the head of the Joint Coordinating Press Center of the Defense Forces of southern Ukraine.

The Ukrainian side is ready for possible Russian provocations during the export of grain, the Armed Forces of Ukraine noted / photo from UNIAN

Ukraine is ready for Russian provocations during grain export from Ukrainian ports.

Head of the Joint Coordinating Press Center of the Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine Natalia Gumenyuk stated on the air of the informational telethon, answering the question whether Ukraine should prepare for provocations of the Russian Federation when exporting grain from ports.

“We are always ready for provocations, since the terrorist country is already known in the world by its definition. And today’s rocket attack on the Odessa region is proof of this,” she said.

According to Gumenyuk, the grain export operation is provided with a military component, and “silence mode” will be the best for it.

“We are aware of the enemy’s insidiousness, we understand that one cannot trust those who do not adhere to their agreements,” she added.

At the same time, Gumenyuk did not say exactly what the answer would be if the Russian Federation attacks a ship with Ukrainian grain, but expressed hope for an “absolutely adequate” reaction from the world community.

“Here it is impossible to predict in a broad perspective, but international agreements and guarantees are obtained for this, so that the entire world community interested in solving the food crisis is involved in this and is effectively involved,” she noted.

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Recall that on July 22, an agreement was signed in Istanbul on the unblocking of the Ukrainian ports “Odessa”, “Chernomorsk” and “Yuzhny” for the export of grain and other agricultural products.

Infrastructure Minister of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu signed separate identical agreements with the UN and Turkey.

Control over the ports “Odessa”, “Chernomorsk” and “Yuzhny” remains entirely with the Ukrainian side.

As of June 15, Ukraine had to export about 20 million tons of old crop grain.

On July 29, Kubrakov announced that 10 ships with Ukrainian grain in the ports of “Odessa” and “Chernomorsk” are already ready for shipment.

CNN Turk reported that the first ship with Ukrainian grain should arrive in Turkish territorial waters on Wednesday, August 3.

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