In St. Petersburg, they said goodbye to a private from Kolpino, who died during a special operation

During a special military operation in Ukraine, a native of the city of Kolpino (part of St. Petersburg) was killed Timothy Veduta. He was escorted on his last journey in his small homeland with military honors, Governor Alexander Beglov announced on June 24.

The head of the region expressed his condolences to the family of a soldier who, at the cost of his life, fulfilled his military duty.

“Timofei Alekseevich grew up in the City of Military Glory Kolpino. He chose a courageous and noble profession as his life’s work, he served the Motherland in the Armed Forces. Together with his comrades-in-arms, he defended peace in the Donbass, defended Russia. Our city and our country are proud of the exploits of such heroes as Timothy Veduta.”– the condolence of the head of the city says.

Timothy Veduta was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage for courage and selflessness in the performance of military duty.

According to media reports, the deceased soldier was 25 years old.

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