In some cases, it is correct to call on the European emergency number 112

As a rule, mandrivniki do not always remember the numbers of various emergency services in this country, until they arrive. However, the skin trace of the nobility about the basis of the single line 112, on which you can call from any European power.

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If you need to call 112

Get help to emergency services, if there is a real threat to the life and health of people, to the middle of the chi main. The widest vipades:

  • you commemorated the burning at the booth, the bus caught fire, burning at the foxes on other objects;
  • it is necessary to vryatuvat people, as if they were consumed in an accident, to fight their z-pіd ulamkіv budіvel abo trees that fell;
  • there was an accident, the participants of which suffered serious injuries;
  • you knew suspicious baggage or object;
  • commemorated an inconspicuous person;
  • you don’t bleed in your own mind, but other people;
  • htos suffocate, otherwise you can’t go wild;
  • someone was struck by a strum;
  • you have become a witness to try self-destruction;
  • you have become a witness to the street beat of some other violence;
  • stealing gamantsya or another lane, attack or plundering;
  • you want to send information to the police, so as to help in the investigation, or information about osib, how to investigate, or if there are unknowns.

In case of any circumstances, do not call for an emergency number

  • tell me about the unknown podia;
  • just twist, chi pratsyuє ekstrenny viklik;
  • recognize the exact hour (this function was disabled);
  • specify phone numbers;
  • inquire about the distribution of transport in case of other unforeseen situations.

How to correctly create a wiki

  • Briefly and clearly describe the situation, in which you opine.
  • Name your name and nickname, phone number, call for someone.
  • Tell me, that trapilos that skolki people require help.
  • Try to call the yakomog the exact address where you need the right public services.
  • Help the dispatcher with additional information. On all questions, answer briefly and clearly.

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