In Rostov-on-Don, the memory of tanker Fyodor Krutikov was immortalized

In Rostov-on-Don, the opening ceremony of the monument to the tankman took place Fedor Nikitovich Krutikovwho died in battle during the defense of the city in November 1941. About it IA REGNUM reported in the administration of the regional center on June 23.

In the fall of 1941, soldiers of the 6th Tank Brigade in the area of ​​the Rostov village of Chkalov, at the cost of their own lives, stopped the advance of enemy armored vehicles. The grave of Fyodor Krutikov was discovered by search engines at the intersection of Shcherbakov and Panfilovtsev streets in September 2020.

Fedor Krutikov is a native of the village of Krutikovo, Sverdlovsk Region. He was a driver of a tank regiment of the 6th tank brigade.

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