In Peru, under a residential building found an ancient tomb of the Incas (photo)

According to scientists, the remains belonged to wealthy people, as they were wrapped in cloth, next to pottery and rich jewelry.

During renovations, the Peruvian Hipólito Tico found an Inca tomb under his house in Lima. As a result, scientists took up the discovery, writes The Guardian.

The burial dug under the house contained the remains of wealthy people. Experts came to this conclusion due to the fact that the remains were wrapped in cloth, next to ceramics and rich jewelry.

What’s more, Julio Abanto, lead author of the study, said the 500-year-old tomb contained many grave goods tightly wrapped in cloth.

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The 500-year-old tomb contained a wealth of grave goods.

According to the researchers, the buried people were members of the elite Riricancho society, a culture that once inhabited present-day Lima before the powerful Incas began to rule a vast empire in western South America in the 1400s.

Known for their gold and elaborate structures, including a royal retreat atop Mount Machu Picchu, the Incas were conquered by Spanish invaders in 1532.

Hipólito Tica said that he was overwhelmed with emotions from the unexpected find.

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According to the researchers, the buried people were representatives of the elite of the Ririkancho society, culture

“This is something incredible. I really have no other words to describe what I experience after what I see,” said Hipólito Tica.

Recall that in May this year, scientists made another equally interesting discovery in Lima. So experts have found the remains of victims of syphilis dating back to the 16th century. The site also contained an underground crypt, fragments of pre-Hispanic pottery, a 19th-century fountain, and a cesspool.

But in one of the tombs of Egypt, the researchers found a door to the “afterlife”. On the doorway one could read the name, title and image of the deceased, which turned out to be a man named Pinimos. As it turned out, he was close to the royal family.

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