In Nizhny Tagil, control over the elimination of “digs” from city streets will be strengthened

In Nizhny Tagil, they will strengthen control over the elimination of “digs”, including taking measures of administrative influence. The issue of restoring landscaping after earthworks was discussed at the mayor’s office at a meeting on Wednesday, September 21.

According to the press service of the mayor’s office, 458 warrants have now been issued for earthworks on the streets of the city. At the same time, a part of the “perekops” has not yet been eliminated.

“Of the total volume, 251 objects with restored landscaping were commissioned on time, another 143 are in operation, 64 “diggings” have not been eliminated in due time. If the organization is not able to restore the disturbed landscaping within the established time frame, the municipality can take over this function with billing for the work done. In addition, the leadership of the districts has the right to take administrative measures against violators, ”said the acting. Mikhail Semin, head of the municipal administration.

The mayor of the city, Vladislav Pinaev, noted that now the control over this process by officials is mostly formal. This allows resource-supplying companies to stay idle.

“For an ordinary person, it doesn’t matter how the result will be achieved. He comes home from work and runs into a hole on the way. Immediately negative mood. Tagilchanina absolutely should not worry about how we will eliminate the “digging”, he should not feel discomfort from the disturbed landscaping. It is necessary to ensure that in the whole city, both after planned and after emergency work, there are qualitatively restored sidewalks, lawns, yards,” Pinaev said.

In the near future, approaches to the activities of the municipality on this issue will be revised, interaction between the municipal administration, district administrations and contractors will be streamlined, and more effective claim work will be built. Control over the elimination of “digs” and the restoration of landscaping will be strengthened in the near future.

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