in Mariupol, the invaders demolished the memorial to the defenders of Ukraine (video) — UNIAN

Instead, they plan to erect a monument to Alexander Nevsky on horseback.

The occupiers in Mariupol destroyed the memorial to the Defenders of Ukraine / screenshot

In Mariupol captured by Russian troops destroyed the memorial, erected in honor of Mariupol – the defenders of Ukraine. Instead, they plan to erect a monument to Alexander Nevsky on horseback.

About it informs mayor’s adviser Petr Andryushchenko on Telegram.

“The bronze oak leaves, on which each bears the name of the deceased Hero, were dismantled and thrown away along with construction waste. After Yelenovka, the occupiers take revenge and even destroy the memory of our defenders. This is how fear looks,” writes Andryushchenko.

As noted in the Mariupol City Council, this memorial was an important component of the renovated Freedom Square in the city. It was made of granite in the shape of the Ukrainian coat of arms, over which water flows as a symbol of shed tears. Water washes bronze oak leaves, each of which bears the name of a fallen hero.

Earlier it was reported that the Kremlin compiled a new manual for Russian propagandists. They recommend drawing parallels between the war in Ukraine, the Baptism of Russia and the Battle of the Neva.

Thus, the attack in Ukraine is recommended to be explained by the actions of the “collective West”, which constantly attacks Russia in order to seize resources and destroy the Orthodox faith. In addition, one of the chapters of the training manual is called “Strength in Truth!”. These words are attributed to Alexander Nevsky.

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