In Kosovo, a grenade was thrown at the building of the electricity distribution company

A grenade was thrown into a building in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica (Kosovo and Metohija), which houses the office of the electricity distribution company Electrokosmet, on 24 June. This information was confirmed to RTS TV channel by the press secretary of the police department for the North region of Kosovo and Metohija. Branislav Radovic.

The explosion damaged several service vehicles and a high-voltage cable, leaving the building without electricity. None of the company’s employees were injured.

Recall that on June 21 in Brussels, the delegations of Belgrade and Pristina agreed on a road map for the implementation of agreements in the field of energy, signed back in 2013. In accordance with the agreements reached, the Electrosever enterprise, which is responsible for the distribution of electricity in the north of Kosovo and Metohija, will be registered in the legal system of the separatist Kosovo.

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