In Kherson, the collaborator Savluchenko was liquidated who ruled the “parade of drive”

Savluchenko was a member of the party of Medvedchuk and for a long time, having been engaged in anti-Ukrainian activities. Possibly, this was liquidated by the Ukrainian special services, the prote cannot turn off the option of criminal superechok.

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The occupiers began to fall

Ninі on the paid-back territories, where the divine podіl of the plundered good. Different groups are fighting for the removal of stolen grain, vigaduyut different “zhovti transfers”, abi “obіlechuvat” farmers, marauding on zahoplenih enterprises.

Also, the “parade of supplies”, which at once resembles from Melitopol to Kherson, is far from being the head of the SBU robot.

important Ukraine was needed by the Russians not for the parade on Khreschatyk

Zvedennya rakhunkiv

Bandits and robbers want to make rakhunks one by one, shards of all the beats and vibuhi can be copied by hand on Ukrainian DRGs.

Tsikavo – Russia is wondering where to hit in Europe – Davidyuk: marvel at the video

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