In Georgia, they urged not to serve through the media "rashists" in Russian from principle

The other day, Russian propaganda tried to inflate another story “about the oppression of Russians” and “Russophobia in Europe.” This time the action took place in Latvia, which, as you know, is a favorite target for attacks by the Rashists.

The Baltics have been suffering from rashism for 30 years now. Fortunately, in the 1990s, after the collapse of the USSR, the Kremlin was not able to provoke bloody conflicts and occupy parts of the territory of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, as they did in Georgia or Moldova, but the departed Russia left behind a whole army of Rashist residents in the Baltics who at different times were resettled there in order to colonize and Russify these territories.

After the collapse of the USSR, the army of thousands of embittered colonialists did not want to return to their historical homeland, but preferred to stay in countries where the standard of living is an order of magnitude higher, but which they openly despise and hate.

The vast majority of Russian rashists there basically do not learn either Latvian, or Lithuanian, or Estonian, demanding from local residents that they speak only Russian, and every time they show aggression when this does not happen.

So this time, the young rashist made a scandal at the McDonald’s restaurant in Riga after they refused to accept an order in Russian. The cashier’s explanation that he does not understand Russian did not suit the young representative of the “ruZZ world”, according to whom “the client should be served in the language he speaks”.

The Rashist not only refused to place an order in the state, Latvian, or at least international, English language, but also returned to the restaurant the next day to “talk to the manager” and sort out the fact of “flagrant Russophobia.”

He even recorded several videos on this topic and posted them on social networks, gaining thousands of approving and sympathetic comments, mainly from the same rashists who live in Latvia and hate everything Latvian.

Of course, it is useless for them to explain the rules about the state language and the need to know and respect the language of the country in which you are. In the end, if for 30 years you are not able to learn the state language, then you can use the online translator, which is available in any phone today.

But the Russians did not move en masse to the Baltic states in order to learn the local languages. Even in the 21st century, the descendants of the colonialists believe in their “historical mission” to “spread and strengthen Russian influence”, in other words, the forcible Russification of neighboring peoples.

After all, it is impossible to even imagine that somewhere in Moscow, or any other city in Russia, in any restaurant, a client will be served, for example, in Uzbek, or in Georgian, or “in the language he speaks.”

All the stories of rashists about “oppression of Russians” and “Russophobia in Europe” are just a hypocritical manipulation of European values ​​and ideas about human rights. By requiring foreigners to speak Russian with them, Russians simply want to establish their superiority and assert their influence abroad. After all, in their historical homeland, in Russia, they do not allow any language other than Russian to exist and develop.

Unfortunately, Georgia has also faced this problem, which the Baltics have been suffering from for 30 years. Tens of thousands of Russians, who pragmatically fled Russia due to fear of sanctions and international isolation, are settling in large cities of our country, creating local cells of the “Russian world” there.

So far, they are not as aggressive and hostile as in the Baltics, but Russians in Georgia already have “their” shops, “their” bars and restaurants, kindergartens and interest clubs, which include only Russian speakers. Of course, there is no question that the newly arrived Russians learn the Georgian language, because any manifestation of respect for the Georgian society and state is difficult for them.

Thus, in their chats and groups on social networks, many Russians express dissatisfaction that the Georgians “understand the Russian language poorly”, “are wary of Russians” or call Russia an invader, and they themselves are occupiers. Many people are really indignant at the flags of Ukraine and the European Union hung everywhere in our country.

Migrants from Russia do not care at all that in 30 years Georgia has experienced several bloody wars with Russia, that today the Russian army occupies 20% of the territory of our country, and Russian tanks are stationed 40 kilometers from Tbilisi. They do not even understand that it is they, as citizens of Russia, who are the sponsors of Russian aggression against our country.

Even considering themselves “Putin’s opponents,” many of the Russians in Georgia are carriers of the rashist imperial ideology and behave in our country almost as arrogantly as their compatriots in the Baltics.

Of course, in shops, markets, restaurants, they speak Russian everywhere and expect the same from local residents, knowing full well that Georgian is the state language in Georgia, and English is the international one.

And, unfortunately, many Georgians “out of old memory” or out of respect for the guests (or maybe just out of stupidity?) Begin to choose words and try to express themselves in broken Russian, causing only giggles and ridicule from visitors from Russia. So, should we behave respectfully towards those who do not respect us?

If a Russian does not know Georgian – let him speak English, if he cannot speak English – let him use an online translator. And if you have a rashist in front of you who, in principle, does not want to do either one or the other, then there should be no conversation with him – a complete boycott and denial of service.

Perhaps, if there had not been several wars, constant threats and occupation of Georgian territories by Russia, then the attitude towards the Russians would have been completely different. But in the current conditions, it is time for the Russians in Georgia to make it clear, every minute, that they are ABROAD, where no one is obliged to know and understand their language. Otherwise, tomorrow they will declare Georgia “an ancestral Russian land” and ask Putin to protect the “rights of the Russian-speakers”, as they are already doing in the Baltics, Moldova, Ukraine and other countries!

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