In Chisinau, the opposition led supporters to a protest rally

On June 23, the Party of Socialists of Moldova led supporters to a protest rally near the parliament building in Chisinau. This was reported by the press service of the PSRM.

It is reported that the participants of the action came with posters “Shame”, “Government resign”, “Stop stealing during the state of emergency”, etc. They protest against the policy of the authorities, which has led to a sharp deterioration in the standard of living in the country.

“People came to express their strong protest against the anti-popular, irresponsible and adventurous policy of the incompetent government and the parliamentary majority, which considers everyone around to be guilty, except themselves”— noted in the press service.

Among other things, the protesters oppose the state of emergency, which gives more powers to the government. Today, June 23, the parliament will consider the issue of extending the state of emergency for another 45 days.

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