In Alchevsk PPO zagarbnikov “overdone” herself: video of fatal launch

Such a “unfortunate fluctuation” was recorded in the paid off Alchevsk. There, one of the rockets of the PPO system, as it was fired, made a “overshoot” to itself – after a decade of seconds after the launch, it sharply turned around and flew near the turnpike.

important Ukrainian attack aircraft and bombers heavily attacked the enemy and the logistics center

The rocket fell on the order of the mist, the stars were ordered to launch. What happened when the occupiers’ equipment was reduced, and what happened to the midst of the suffering enemies of Ukraine – it’s still unknown.

Video of the recent launch of the Russian PPO rocket, yak hit in its own way

On some videos from the month under the year, you can see a small area after the fire – the grass is burning there, where the rocket fell. The voice-over seems to be the fall of Sarmatska Street in Alchevsk. This street is on a nearby outskirts of the city.

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If the rockets are “important for the repetition”

Warto respect that this is not the first fall, if the Russian rockets are not adequately fired after the start.

On the 19th day of the month of Alchevsk, the Russian occupiers carried out missile strikes by “Point U”. However, the first rocket immediately after the launch vibrated in the sky over the place, falling apart. On the next day another rocket is launched. They beat them in the bik of Sevrodonetsk or Lysichansk, decontaminating important battles.

Warto means that in Sєvєrodonetsk, even though the position has not been lost, for yakі Ukrainian soldiers can be trimmed. The infrastructure of the place was built in full. 90%. Vidtak ZSU will enter new positions and fortified areas, to bury the mass victims among the defenders of Ukraine. Already, the stench will start to wage battles and fight against the occupiers of the costs.

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For a decade of the day of the following day, 22 chernyas, it was published in social media launch of the Iskander rocket, like the Russian military tried to launch from Belgorod in Ukraine. However, the rocket vibrated in a row for a decade of seconds after the launch.

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