Impulse to conduct a maneuverable defense, – Zaluzny called the situation on the front foldable

The price of freedom of the temple, – Zaluzhny

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valeriy Zaluzhniy on 23 chervny told that the situation at the front is foldable, but controlled by the Ukrainian soldiers.

Before speech At the General Staff of the ZSU, the main military goals were voiced, as a way to put Russia in front of you

Zaluzhniy, having indicated that it’s easy for Ukrainian defenders, the shards of the Russian occupiers may be inflamed.

It’s very important for us, even if it’s a fire of war on the enemy’s battles. Popri everything, we are trimming. The situation is complicated, but controlled,
– Povіdomiv chief commander ZSU.

Also, Zaluzhny rose, which Ukrainian forces are strong enough to conduct a maneuverable defense and take more visible lines and positions.

“And the skin meter of the land occupied by the occupant is flooded with blood,” – summing up the wines.

Ukraine is streaming Russia as soon as the enemy is out of the way

  • Intercessor of the Minister of Defense Hanna Malyar recently reminded, which, in contrast to the Evil Forces of Ukraine, is less than 10% of that liberation, as our state asks Zakhoda. For її words, today Ukraine wins all its efforts and strength in order to repair Russia’s opera.
  • So Malyar informed that vicious battles take place in Donbas. The enemy concentrated his efforts there, but the ZSU all the same commanded the occupants of the chimalih vtrat. All to the fact that our army is more professional and motivated.
  • Russia has thrown significant forces at the hoarding of Sevrodonetsk, de transferring it to artillery, it tries not to allow the ZSU go to the cordoni near Kharkiv region.

Varte respect Russia wants to promote the reputation of Ukraine as a reliable partner, so that Zahid does not pass it on

You may be zatsіkaviti – ZSU brutally defeated the fortune-telling BMP: marvel at the video

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