Important changes for Ukrainian waters near Switzerland

So, the Federal Highway Administration (ASTRA) published a low explanation, as well as blaming the basic rules for driving in-travelers, which took away the status of “S” in Switzerland. Tsi vinyatki gained chivalry as early as April 7, 2022 and will last until April 5, 2023.

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Let’s look at three broadest scenarios:

You have vodka rights

  • Vodії, scho may be consecrated vodіya, in which all data are dubbed in Latin, can corystute with him until the end of the term diї. If such a right is necessary, it is necessary to replace the Swiss water for wedding.
  • If you don’t have a physical document with you, digital identification of a national identity can have the same force that gives you the right to kermuvate a car.

The water rights ended the term dії

  • Ukrainian weddings, the term of which ends after February 24, 2022, can legally wrestle in Switzerland until April 5, 2023.
  • Ukrainian concessions to water, the term of any of which ended before February 24, 2022, do not give the right to drive a car from Switzerland. In order to complete the Swiss wedding ceremony, the Swiss officers have to go through a few stages of re-examination – take a test for water and take the timing of the wedding ceremony for 2 months, and then you can exchange the Swiss water ceremony for a full wedding ceremony.

You have ruined your water wedding

Ukrainians, who claim that they can claim the right to cherish a car, but cannot show either digital or physical evidence of water, the cantonal government can see such an event with a low mind:

For private trips, the presence of upcoming documents is required:

  • Ukrainian consecration of water, as evidenced by documents (for example, a certificate of storage of water, proof of work, for example, they worked like water toshcho);
  • successfully passed water test.

For work on service cars, vantazhivkah, minibuses or taxis, registered in Switzerland, you need:

  • Ukrainian acknowledgment of water, as evidenced by documents (for example, a certificate of storage of water, proof of work, for example, you worked like water toshcho);
  • successfully pass the control test for water and pass the theory test;
  • successfully pass a medical examination.

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