“I want to go home” Potap wrote a lyrical track to Nastya Kamensky about those who want to go to Ukraine

Together with the man Potap, Nastya Kamenskikh wrote a new lyrical track in English language. As the press service conveys, Back Home is the cry of the soul of the very couple and may be 8 million Ukrainians, as if they were embarrassed to leave their homes.

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Nastya Kamensky released the track Back Home

At the new song, the star of friendship sparkled the whole palette of nostalgia for peaceful lives, I ache for him, as it was before the 24th fierce, and I hope that everyone will turn back home. Back Home, behind the words of the sleeping couple, is another guess, what should we fight for.

We have a sleepy bed and a sleepy dream – the war is over. I really want to lean on my skin at my house, and the skin house was filled with warmth and radiant emotions and childish laughter. Abi, our land zvіlnilas vіd tsikh zhahіt. And everything turned into a terrible dream, which step by step appeared in the past,
– Nastya Kamensky commented to the premier.

The artist did not record the video for the new track, but showed a lyric video. New її has a photo on the aphids of the Park Bridge in Kiev, which flickers blue-yellow at the colors of the Ukrainian ensign.

Nastya Kamensky – Back Home: listen to the song online

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What Nastya Kamensky to rob behind the cordon

At the same time, the couple actively performs at favorable visits and concerts to the support of Ukraine, also home, to the houses near Kiev in the city of Osadcha and Gorbunov, do not hurry.

“Shortly speaking in the wake of Ukraine in front of the listeners in different cloaks of the world, with tears in my eyes I will tell my friends, friends, relatives, colleagues and happy mits. my heart gravitates to the Ukrainian land, until this happy weekday, which, unfortunately, was divided into “before” that “after,” Kamensky shared.

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