I know that we are on the territory of Russia, but there is no connection, – the sister of the defense of Mariupol

Sandra Krotevich, the sister of the Mariupol Defender of Bogdan Krotevich, told Channel 24 about it. Vaughn also said that her brother didn’t get a welcome call for more than a month.

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I was talking about him on January 20, even if the stench still left the territory of “Azovstal” and from that hour I have no news about any new information, say the sister of the defense of Mariupol.

I’ve never phoned once, so I don’t know what I’m here on the territory of Russia, but about those in which I’m in that particular place of rebuking, I don’t know where,
– appoint Sandra Krotevich.

“An hour at an hour, the relatives of other defenders tell that for 30 seconds chi khvilin, the lads go to the link. They told about those girls stink and in a yakoma camp, ale, sorry, stink constantly under a glance and those who wanted to b to say – there is no possibility, “say the woman.

We wrote leaves up to the “Red Cross” – no less, like relatives, but even as a kind of Association. Zaraz we would like to make direct contact from Genevanot only with the representatives of the “Red Cross” in Ukraine, the woman appointed.

Evacuation of the defensemen of “Mariupol” – important dates and dates

  • Ukraine 16 May Rozpochala evacuation procedure Ukrainian military workers from the Azovstal plant. 53 important wounds were evacuated to the liquor near Timchas’s dipping Novoazovsk. There they goiter should be given medical assistance. Sche 211 Ukrainian defenders far away to carry the humanitarian corridor to Olenivka.
  • Over the course of the year, ZMI got information that Azovstal had hired 7 Ukrainian buses. However, the Ukrainian side has not yet spoken about the exact number of soldiers.
  • They gave Ukrainian fighters an exchange of guilt for Russian military captives. Minister of Nutrition for the Reintegration of Timely Payback Territories Irina Vereshchuk reaffirmed that the soldiers rotate without permission on the territory controlled by Ukraine.
  • At the General Staff of the ZSU, they announced that the Mariupol garrison was fully ordered, the shards for over 80 days of war were pulling on themselves the overwhelming forces of the enemy.
  • The riverman of the delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Ukraine Oleksandr Vlasenko confirmed the information to Channel 24 about those who spoke to the International Committee of the Red Cross on May 18-19 saw part of the Ukrainian militaryyakі came from the plant “Azovstal”.

Rozmova from the sister of the defender of “Azovstal” – details of how the fighters: marvel at the video

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