Hungary offered to “calm down” with sanctions against Russia – news from Ukraine, World

The European Union should no longer tighten sanctions against Russia. Instead, a ceasefire and peace talks should be insisted on, a political adviser to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told the news agency. Reuters.

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Balazs Orban, who is not a relative of the Hungarian prime minister, believes that the European economy is in a very bad state and the sanctions harm it more than Russia.

“Now it turns out that the more sanctions we take, the worse we are. And the Russians? Yes, they also hurt, but they endure. And worse, they are moving forward in Ukraine,” he said on the sidelines of the summit of EU leaders. where Ukraine was granted candidate status to join the European Union

Since February 2022, the European Union has approved six packages of economic sanctions against Russia. Orban’s adviser thinks it’s time to stop there.

“We supported the six previous packages of sanctions, because their adoption was important for a united European response. But we must realize that such a position will harm not only the Russians, but also the European economy. Therefore, we propose to calm down, analyze the situation, understand that something is needed do it differently,” he is quoted as saying euronews.

“Therefore, we must come up with something. Negotiations, a ceasefire, peace. Diplomacy. Here is our solution,” Orban added.

AT european council summit statementadopted on June 23, states that the EU will continue to work on sanctions, but the seventh package is not explicitly mentioned.

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